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best burger on earth

The burger has spread around the world like no other food (with the possible exception of pizza), and is pound-for-pound the most efficient meal on the planet.

It has also taken in the benefits of authentic diversity. Different cultures interpret the burger in different ways. Different geographies have access to different livestock. And each community, region, or nation, has its own unique ways of growing, cooking, grilling, frying, spicing, and more.

Created by Jessica and Evan Thomsen, we are a world-living married couple with many dreams.

Our joint vision in life is to experience the world and all its wonders. We aim to live on many corners of the globe and travel to everywhere in between.

We thought that along the way we might as well try to find the best burger on earth, and to tell you about it.

Burger Reviews

Street Grill Burger Bakar

Street Grill Burger Bakar | Penang, Malaysia

“Indelible in my memory will be my feeling of regret, growing with every bite. The more I ate, the worse it tasted, and the further away I was to having the option of getting a different dinner elsewhere to rid my palate of the progressing disaster.”

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Spade’s Burger | Penang, Malaysia

“Now I am engaged in a great conflict, both with my wife and with this great notion of a burger long past and oft remember’d, which is testing the old notion, the former belief… Change comes to all, and no reign lasts forever. Spade’s Burger is the best burger I’ve ever had.”

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